Christian Slater Joins Beyond Legend

Posted by: Michael

A sizzling cast has joined Martial Arts Champ In "Beyond Legend Johnny Kakota" (a spiritual-action/adventure/romance), in one of the most anticipated Indie feature films to come around since Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.

Kip Pardue (Remember the Titians, Driven, Undiscovered) is called upon to play the antagonist son Kenny Kreager to David Carradine’s Jack Kreager, the local land Barron. Christian Slater is Carl, the man that runs the Kreager Empire (whom Kenny despises because he thinks it belongs to him). Billy Zane (Titanic) will be Tomahawk the Tribal console attorney. And Carmen Electra will play Jackie Mankiller a tainted lover.

Brittany Snow (The Pacifier) takes on the reigns of Crissy Collins an animal shelter worker who falls into trouble with Kenny Kreager. She also is the love interest of Johnny Kakota played by Martial Arts Champ turned thespian Nik Catello.


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