Karl Urban talks Doom

Posted by: MacReady

Our colleagues from Empire had the chance to talk to Karl Urban who portrays John "Reaper" Grimm in Andrzej Bartkowiak's upcoming adaptation of "Doom". Set countless years in the future and told in the hyper- kinetic, kamikaze style that made its gaming predecessor a global phenomenon, the science fiction action adventure Doom takes the viewer to the far corners of the galaxy with a fully-realized vision of a dark and disturbing future.

The actor talks about his character and the First Person perpective, which will give the audience the impression of seeing the action through Grimm's eyes. Here are a few clips from what Karl Urban had to tell:

"John Grimm is a character who’s really running away from his past. He’s a child prodigy of scientists and turned his back on all of that and chooses to go around killing things and blowing things up as an act of rebellion. And through the course of the film, he confronts his inner demons in order to triumph against all odds. At the end of the day, the story is about the birth of a superhero, if you will."

About the First Person view, which will be about 10 minutes long, he says:

"In some ways, it makes cinematic history in that, for the first time, the audience becomes the hero of the film. When we go into FPS, the audience is doing the rampage, the audience is doing the work and that is so cool. It’s insane!"

Urban also confirmed, that is his arm that can be seen throughout the sequence, hefting and reloading the gun. You can continue and read the complete article here.


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