Warner acquires Endymion Spring

Posted by: MacReady

Warner Bros. acquired the soon-to-be published young-adult fantasy manuscript "Endymion Spring" for Alysia Cotter and her new production banner, Bueller Films. The book is written by first-time author Matthew Skelton, an Oxford grad with a Ph.D. in English literature, and is scheduled to be published next year.

According to THR "Endymion" is set in present-day Oxford and in 1450s Germany, at the dawn of printing. A young printer's apprentice discovers a mysterious chest with clasps that look like snakes heads -- with fangs that are rumored to be poisoned. When he touches it, the fangs pierce his fingers, drawing blood, and the chest opens.

It contains a secret that will endure for more than 500 years until one lonely boy accidentally discovers it, beginning a quest for knowledge and power that puts him and humanity in grave danger.


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