Walter Salles directing On the Road

Posted by: MacReady

Walter Salles ("Dark Water") will direct the feature adaptation of the Jack Kerouac classic "On the Road," which is being produced by American Zoetrope. Jose Rivera the screenwriter of the director's "The Motorcycle Diaries" is adapting the book  and Rebecca Yeldham, who executive produced the movie will produce. Francis Ford Coppola, Robert Rock and John H. Williams are executive producing.

The 1957 novel, which played a role in giving rise to the Beat movement, is narrated by Kerouac's thinly veiled alter ego Sal Paradise, who gets inspired to hit the road and see America. The story follows his ups and downs as he hitchhikes, hops trains, meets other travelers, struggles for meals and explores the themes of freedom and longing.

American Zoetrope has owned the film rights to the novel since 1979 and according to Coppola, the novel has had many suitors over the years."The book is inherently difficult to adapt to the screen, and we've never quite found the right combination of director and writer to do it justice until now. 'On the Road' is a seminal book that gave voice to a whole generation -- capturing its hunger for experience, unwillingness to accept imposed truths and dissatisfaction with the status quo."

Casting and production for the movie is expected to begin in 2006.


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