The Entity Remake Coming

Posted by: Solstic

That's right kids, if you can believe it Hollywood has decided to do a remake of a movie. I know, I know hard to believe that Hollywood would want to tear our childhood apart to squeeze the last cent out of a classic but it is true. But be aware that this remake is already on a good path in my opinion. Why you ask, well first off I have not seen anything that ties Michael Bay to it yet and since The Entity was not a video game we are safe from Uwe also.

So what is it about this remake that makes me happy you ask, well lets start it off by letting you know that the man who will be Directing it knows the horror genre. So far details are small but it looks as if Hideo Nakata will be Directing this film. You might remember him from such movies as Ringu, Ringu 2, The Eye, and the recent Ring 2. So he knows a little about horror films.

The script is currently be handled by the original author Frank De Felitta and a semi new comer David DiGilio. DiGilio is currently also working on a Disney movie called Antarctica which is currently in post production.

For those of you that do not remember the movie "The Entity", or for those that have never seen it here is a brief overview of this creepy flick.

The story follows a woman whose life crumbles when she believes she is being repeatedly molested by an unseen paranormal force. Terrified, she turns to a parapsychologist to investigate her claims. I personally have high hopes for this remake. With the Director in hand and the original writer along with this newcomer I think most would agree this should be good.


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