Disney trying to patch things up with Pixar

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With The Incredibles by Pixar coming out, and the end of the PIXAR, Disney distribution contract nearing Walt Disney Company is making strong efforts to patch things up with Pixar. Pixar is the leading animation company in my books, with such films as Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and more!

Disney currently has a distribution deal with Pixar which has made 2.5billion dollars. That is one scarey amount of coin. The deal is set to expire next year at which point Pixar could go looking elsewhere. Pixar and Disney fell out of grace in January when the two could not agree on new terms for a contract. Pixar since then has had talks with Time Warner, Sony and Viacom. I am sure that SONY now that they have seen the power of Spiderman box office numbers would love to have Pixar in their wings

Mr. Igar the head of Pixar is quotted as saying.

"The door is certainly open, from our perspective, It has been a very successful relationship between Disney and Pixar, and I think it would be better for us to be partners than apart."

The numbers show that Pixars films have made up the majority of Disneys box office dollars.

Disney distributes all of Pixar’s films in exchange for 12.5 per cent of box office revenue.

Disney also has the  rights to Cars and The Incredibles.


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