Star Wars TV Series in 2007?

Posted by: Solstic
According to IGN you have a bit of a wait for the new Star Wars. You'd expect to see progress on it by 2006, or '07 at the latest, right? Unfortunately, not so with the two Star Wars television series that fans have been promised.

According to Can Mag, at least one of the two shows, the much-anticipated live action series, won't go into production until at least 2008. It seems that George Lucas intends to do much of the writing and directing work himself, but his calendar is full for the next few years with the planned 3-D versions of the Star Wars movies as well as the long-awaited new Indiana Jones movie. After that, he'll start working on the new live-action Star Wars television.

At this point, it looks like it will be another three or four years before we find out what Lucas's vision of the post-prequel era is. This delay may or may not apply to the computer-animated series that deals with the Clone Wars. Perhaps if that comes out in the next two years, it will keep the fans happy.


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