The Memory of a Killer Movie Photos

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Our friends from Sony provided us with 12 pictures for Erik Van Looy's upcoming thriller "The Memory of a Killer" also known as "The Alzheimer Case", which comes to cinemas August 26th. When a key civil servant is murdered, the Antwerp police force puts its top crime investigators on the case: Vincke (Koen De Bouw) and Verstuyft (Werner De Smedt). The trail leads to hitman Angelo Ledda (Jan Decleir).

Showing symptoms of Alzheimer's, Ledda finds it increasingly difficult to carry out assignments. When he realizes that he is being used in a political power game, he decides to bite the hand that feeds. Vincke and Verstuyft have a hard time trying to disentangle the web of intrigues to prevent further killings.

Subsequently, the three men find themselves working together to eliminate Antwerp's 'underground network'.

Be sure to check out all pics of this Belgium/Netherlands Co-production here.


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