Sony Sequels lined up: Hollow Man 2, Road House 2 and More

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Remakes, everyone is sick of them. Well worry not cause SONY has decided that sequels are better then remakes. According to The Hollywood Reporter Sony has 3 new titles on the slate for sequels. Road House 2 : Last call, Hollow Man  2 and I know what you did Last Summer 3.

Road house was such a great movie... for its time. I am not sure how a remake would work but with some good casting it will fly in my eyes. Hollow man was another great flick with a cool concept, sequel talk is interesting but will reserve judgement till we hear about a cast and what not.

The story of Hollow Man 2 revolves around a Seattle detective and a biologist who are on the run from a dangerous invisible assassin gone rogue as well as the government forces that created him. I am sure there will be some connection between the original flick and this new invisible rogue character. I would hope anyways!


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