Gary Oldman starring in Zodiac

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Gary Oldman will star in David Fincher's upcoming Zodiac. He will play attorney Melvin Belli in Paramount and Warner Bros.' serial killer thriller. In this movie Jake Gyllenhaal will play Robert Graysmith, the journalist and author of the two books, "Zodiac" and "Zodiac Unmasked," upon which the film is based. Robert Downey Jr. will play fellow reporter Paul Avery, and Mark Ruffalo will play the San Francisco homicide inspector in charge of the case.

The books tell the tale of the real life serial killer who was appropriately named "The Zodiac Killer". He ravaged San Francisco for 25 years and than he just disappeared. Graysmith and Avery use to work at the San Francisco Chronicle, where "The Zodiac Killer" would send letters taunting the police and the media.

Source: Variety


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