New action flick Red Serpent

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MTI Home Video, the leading independent home entertainment studio, will release the action film RED SERPENT on VHS/DVD July 19, 2005. The movie stars Oleg Taktarov who is one of the biggest bad asses in hollywood! Period! He was a professional fighter and the toughest I have ever seen. To beat him you had to make sure he was damn near crippled. On top of it he is a great character actor, most recently seen in National Treasure.

When a businessman’s daughter is kidnapped in a plot to smuggle illegal drugs, a former KGB Agent is the only place to turn in this heart-stopping all out battle for survival.  Red Serpent was written by Drew Fleming, with the screenplay written by Alex Kustanovich (Out of the Cold) and Ramil Yamaleyev (Lichnyy nomer). The film was directed by Gino Tanasescu (TV’s Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, Thanksgiving Day). The film was produced by Oleg Kapanets (Nothing to Lose), and George Lascu (Ozzie, The Night of the Iguana).

Red Serpent stars Roy Scheider (Jaws, The French Connection), Michael Paré (Fate, The Virgin Suicides), Oleg Taktarov (National Treasure, Rollerball),and Alexander Nevsky (Time of Change, Moscow Heat).

Steve Nichols (Paré) is traveling to Moscow on a routine business trip in order to finalize arrangements for shipping pharmaceuticals to the U.S. and meet with his Russian business partners. Unbeknownst to Steve, he’s walking into a trap and will be forced to participate in a deadly drug smuggling scheme. In order to insure Steve’s cooperation "The Red Serpent" (Scheider), the cold-blooded head of a powerful drug cartel, kidnaps his daughter. Alone and desperate, Steve’s only hope is Sergei (Taktarov), a washed up KGB officer who has an old score to settle. In a heart-stopping battle for survival, full of action and intrigue, Steve and Sergei attempt to find the girl and escape the deadly trap of "The Red Serpent."


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