3 new Valiant pics - take a look at the pigeon squadron

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Buena Vista provided us with 3 pictures for Gary Chapman's Valiant. In this animated movie Valiant, an eager young wood pigeon flies to London to join the Royal Homing Pigeon Service (RHPS), dreaming of becoming a hero! Soon we see a group of comically misfit pigeons (including Bugsy a street pigeon from Trafalgar Square, and Lofty a posh bird from Oxford) in a hilarious series of adventurous mishaps, as Valiant's squadron are put through their paces in the training camp.

To succeed in the most important mission of the war, our new RHPS recruits need to stay out of the clutches of the notorious enemy falcon, Von Talon. Can Valiant and his mates pull together and get the message across enemy lines in time?

You can view all pics in our Valiant gallery here.


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