Mike Judges new Flick 3001

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No, this isn't another installment in the 2001 franchise by Arthur C. Clarke. It is the next film being brought to you by the man who found us Bevis and Butthead, not to mention a little movie so many of us hold dear by the name of Office Space. Yup, that's right I am talking about Mike Judge.

This new movie he is putting together seems to take place here in the current day but finds its way to 3001 or the future. 3001 is a working title only at the moment and I think personally he can come up with a better title. But that point is neither here nor there, what is important is that he has a new movie coming.

So back to the film, it will be starring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, and Dax Shepard. From what I can find it seems like the military are conducting an experiment called the "Human Hibernation Project". But to try it out they get the help of Pvt. Joe Bowers (played by Luke Wilson), he is a very average/ under-achieving soldier, he is picked for this because of the fact he would not be a loss to the military. To accompany Bower in his tests is a prostitute by the name of Rita, played by Maya. She is promised that some of her previous criminal charges against her would be dropped for participating. This project basically is top secret and is the militaries answer to having their best soldiers on hand forever. But like in all comedies about freezing people something goes wrong.

Bowers and Rita were only intended to be in this project for 1 year. But when things go wrong they go horrible for the two and they wake up in the future. The world as they both knew it is now long gone, and average Joe along with Rita are now possibly the worlds smartest people left, as they discover a society so incredibly dumbed-down it is hard not to think you are the smartest.

Personally I think Mike Judge's career speaks for it self when I say this will probably be another cult classic. Maybe not to the degree of Office Space, but it will slowly make its way into all fans of cult classic's heart and with actors like Luke and Dax in the mix it should be entertaining. No date is set that I know of yet and as i said before this is a working title so keep your eyes on the forums for official updates to get your fix.

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