Leprechaun starring in Small Town Folk

Posted by: MacReady
Warwick Davis ("Return of the Jedi", "Leprechaun") has finished shooting scenes for Small Town Folk, along with fellow brit actor, Howard Lew Lewis ("Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves", "Brush Strokes"). The pair will cameo in the film as 'The Knackermen' - two creepy woodsmen on the outskirts of Grockleton.
The movie tells the story of a young photographer taking a bike ride through the forest... Two naïve newly weds are on an adventure road trip... Together they find themselves in the land of Grockleton, where the colourful locals seem friendly and all too eager to please.

But as time passes by, things change. In Grockleton there is an anciet tradition... A hunting game... with an unsuspecting prey!

You can watch the teaser trailers at the official website here.


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