Resident Evil 4 coming ?

Posted by: MacReady
Our Buddie Mr. HoRrOr just sent us an email with a nice scoop about an upcoming fourth movie for the Resident Evil series. He read it at the Hollywood  Reporter and i have to say that it sounds very nice. But read on for what our buddie has to report:

Hey guys it's Mr HoRrOr, heres some news on the "Resident Evil" series that I came across. It seems that they are already in the very early stages of planning a fourth film which will take place in Japan. Meanwhile, principal Photography will begin on "Afterlife" this fall. "Germany's Constantin Film and its genre production shingle, Paul W.S. Anderson and Jeremy Bolt's Impact Pictures, are ramping up preparations for a fourth edition of their successful zombie franchise "Resident Evil" before the third film in the series has even begun shooting.

Constantin head of production Martin Moskowicz said in Cannes that the third film, "Resident Evil: Afterlife," will shift locations to shoot in Australia, with principle photography planned for November or December. "Resident Evil 4" will be set in Tokyo, and Impact/Constantin is looking to shoot the film in Japan. "Afterlife" will be set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun with mutant zombies. "Afterlife" will play in the Nevada desert with the Aussie outback standing in for the American wasteland. In the final reel, the action will shift to Japan, setting up the fourth edition.

Milla Jovovich is set to reprise her signature role as zombie slayer extraordinaire Alice though no formal deal has been signed yet. Paul W.S. Anderson, who together with partner Bolt will produce "Afterlife" through their Constantin-controlled shingle Impact Pictures, is finishing the script for the third edition. Anderson directed the first "Resident Evil" and penned the sequel "Resident Evil: Apocalypse." THX to Mr. HoRrOr for sending us this scoop !


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