JAWS 30th Anniversary DVD Launch / Jaws Fest 2005 clips !

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Those fine folks from Universal provided us with pics and 13 clips from the first Jawsfest, which was held last weekend in Martha's Vineyard. Also the Jaws 30th Anniversary Edition DVD from Universal Studios Home Entertainment releases June 14th. The DVD includes a special never-before-seen Steven Spielberg interview and a 2 hour documentary on the making of the film.

Be sure not to miss all the QT clips listed below.

Peter Benchley, author of Jaws.

Clip 1: Low   Med   High   Clip 2: Low   Med   High

Clip 3: Low   Med   High   Clip 4: Low   Med   High

Joseph Alves, production designer of Jaws.

Clip 5: Low   Med   High   Clip 6: Low   Med   High

Clip 7: Low   Med   High   Clip 8: Low   Med   High

Carl Gottlieb, co-screenwriter of Jaws.

Clip 9: Low   Med   High   Clip 10: Low   Med   High

Clip 11: Low   Med   High   Clip 12: Low   Med   High

Clip 13: Low   Med   High


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