Joe Dante's Piranha being Remade

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Ahhh the world of horror remakes. Cant live with em.... uhhh pass the beer nuts? All kidding aside, I actually like horror remakes. It seems that the latest remake will be done by ChillerFilms and it will be Piranha.

Piranha, the sophomore effort for director Joe Dante, a future protégé of Steven Spielberg, Piranha was a low-budget, high-camp horror spoof of Jaws (1977) featuring several chiller stars of yesteryear. Insurance investigator Maggie McKeown (Heather Menzies) is dispatched to find two missing teenage hikers near Lost River Lake.
She hires surly backwoods drunkard Paul Grogan (Bradford Dillman) to serve as her guide. Searching the area, they find an abandoned military facility. The only resident is Dr. Robert Hoak (Kevin McCarthy), former head of a top-secret project to breed piranha for use in the Vietnam War. The project was closed down years ago, but Hoak has continued raising a deadly strain of the flesh-eating fish.

The film is being re-written by Chuck Russell. If your asking  now should you care? The Answer is yes. This is the same studio bringing us George Romeros Land of the Dead.. so look for us to cover this one in detail.


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