Night of the Living Dead: Survivor's Cut!

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Move over Night of the Living Dead: 30th Anniversary Edition 'cause here comes NotLD: Survivor's Cut!

To be fair, I won't dare clump this new Living Dead experimentation with the abortion that is the 30th Anniversary Edition just yet because, to be honest, I haven't seen it yet. But I know you savvy Romero completists out there will be interested in checking this out.

Dave over at Creature-Corner was shot a link to the 72-minute revamping of Romero's classic. Survivor's Cut is the end result of Dean Lachiusa's tinkering. Apparently the man quickened the pace of the film, added some new footage, and introduced a little color to it.

Why? I'm not certain myself, but I know what I'll be watching this weekend when I get a chance. As you know, Living Dead is a film that exists in public domain so anybody can release it, screw around with it, etc. This was boldly abused when John Russo tried to pull a George Lucas in the '99. The director added some new music and footage to the flick for a product that was absolutely cringe-inducing.

If you want to see the Survivor's Cut, click here!

- Ryan Rotten


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