Greg Nicotero talks Land of the Dead SFX

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Neil from HomepageoftheDead had the chance to talk to Greg Nicotero about George Romero's upcoming Zombie movie Land of the Dead. Shame on you if you dont know who Greg Nicotero is, for he is one of the best SFX wizards this planet has and he also made the SFX for Romero's latest film. They talked about the effects, the gore, the use CGI and of course the look of the Undead.

Here are a few clips from the interview:

There were many extremely gory scenes in 'Day', did you ever wonder 'My God! What have I got myself into here?

Never…I still think 'Dawn of the Dead' is one of the greatest horror movies ever made… My top 10 list hits 'Jaws', 'Carpenter's The Thing' among others…but 'Dawn' really affected me.

Does it seem odd that twenty years later here you are doing another Romero Living Dead movie? Did you ever think that this fourth film would never see the light of day?

George and I had been talking about this film since 2002… He sent the first draft over and I budgeted the effects for him…allowing for the 'Pittsburgh' discount of course (given the fact that he is the guy that started my career). With the superb '28 Days Later' (not really a zombie movie but ripped off) the remake of 'Dawn', Resident Evil' movies and the brilliant 'Shaun Of The Dead'…it without a doubt laid the groundwork for this film.

Did you ever think that this fourth film would never see the light of day?

2 years, 20 years, 200 years…there will always be people clamouring for a Romero zombie movie!

In 'Dawn of the Dead' the zombies were the traditional blue grey. In 'Day' they were more grotesque and aged, and in the 'Night' remake more akin to a fresh cadaver. Is there a particular style/theme to the makeup of the creatures in 'Land'?

Given the great work on all of those films…we wanted to try a few different things to give the make-ups some character. Custom dentures, eyebrows, contact lenses in every hero zombie…a yellowish base with purples to accent…that kind of thing. We ended up doing on an average 30 zombies a night, then with background masks we could provide over 120 zombies…and they were all used! I wanted to stay away from building the brows up too much cause people end up looking Neanderthal…and the teeth were grey-ish black…

We also made up about 20 'sparse' hair wigs that we used either on bald actors or people that we put partial bald caps on so that you had zombies that looked like the hair had been falling out…a pretty effective technique.

You can checkout the complete interview here.

Land of the Dead comes to cinemas on June 24th. Be sure to check it out, cause if this movie is successful, the chances are good we get to see another Zombie movie by the master himself.



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