I Robot Sequel Cometh

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Dark Horizons is reporting a sequel cometh for Alex Proyas "I Robot". I thought this movie was decent but fell far short of what I would expect from Will Smith. He has alot more talent then showed in this movie. I think the movie relied far to much on CGI then good story. With that said it was still a decent movie and I would still pay to see a sequel... so yeah i am sitting on the fence. Here is what Dark Horizons says:

"Alex Proyas, on the new All Access "I, Robot" DVD, stated that if there was a sequel, it would take place in outer space. In the books, he elaborated that in one line it was mentioned the robots were banned from Earth due to them taking the humans' jobs...not very plausible, but he stated that the events of the I, Robot movie were more of a reason to get the bots off Earth.

In essence I ROBOT 2 would be "a big space movie, with interplanetary action." Akiva Goldsman elaborated that Sonny would become more human as Spooner loses his humanity, somewhere between the line of man and machine emotionally."

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Sound off on the boards.


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