Contest: Land of the Dead Posters / Shirts

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Our lessers over at the evil twin to MoviesOnline have scored some goodies from Universal for the upcoming Land of the Dead release. To celebrate the upcoming Land of the Dead they are also sporting a spiffy new look temporarily. Check it out and be sure to send some feedback. Its ever so sexy in a dark, bloody kinda way.

Anyrate, we are working to get our own contests for Land of the Dead going but in the meantime hit and enter to win the contest they are holding. When you enter be sure and tell them the much better looking guys from MoviesOnline sent yuh.. ok maybe you dont wanna say that... they might torch your entry (j/k)

Below be a shot of the posters you can win, the T-Shirts we would assume have the same drawing on em.


Hatchet 2 The Last Exorcism FASTER Red Hill Red Hill Red Hill Hardware The Killer Inside Me A Serbian Film The Last Exorcism