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This is my first ever movie review but by no means the first star wars review so bear with me. I was let down with The Phantom Menace, and Attack Of The Clones had a modest share of annoyance so i approached this one with the cautious feel of someone who has been burned before. I am happy to report that this one more than made up for Jar Jar Binks, angsty teen Anakin and a plethora of advanced technology that was not present in the classic trilogy.

The acting is much better than the previous two and Ian McDiarmid is particularily good, although some characters are wasted (Padme for example has nothing to do but weep and moan about this, that and the other and Grevious does nothing but cough and splutter until Obi-Wan dispatches him.).

The action has been kicked up a whole lotta notches as we are immediatley immersed into a space battle and the rematch between Anakin and Dooku. The last battle between Obi-Wan and Anakin, Yoda and Sidious is left me speechless and the slaughter of the jedi almost brought tears to my eyes. Some questions remain unanswered though such as 'Who posed as Sifo Dyas?' and 'why isn't Jar Jar binks dead?' 9/10

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