Producer of Tobe Hoopers Mortuary Speaks

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The producer of Tobe Hoopers Mortuary Evan Katz sat down and talked with about the upcoming movie Mortuary as well as HomeSick.

Evan Katz, the 24-year old producer of Tobe Hooper’s "Mortuary" as well as the writer/producer/actor of the low-budget horror film, "Home Sick" (which stars Bill Moseley and Tom Towles, both of "House of 1000 Corpses" fame), seems to be connected to anyone who is anybody in the horror movie world today.  He is friends as well as collaborators with Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch of "Toolbox Murders" fame, he is working with Simon Barrett, the writer of "Dead Birds" and Matthew Cunningham of "Mangler" fame AND he can call Tobe Hooper, the Grand Master of Horror, a friend.  I recently had the opportunity to pick his brain about a lot of stuff he has going on right now and this is one busy guy!

Tell us about E.L. Katz, you were born in 1981 in New York, which makes you one of the enfants terribles of the film world.  Besides writing for CreatureCorner, what other things have you done prior to becoming a producer/writer?

Before going to film school, I was very involved with the music scene. I promoted little punk shows, self-published a ‘zine. It was typical post high school bullshit...articles about animal rights, how the "scene" is filled with idiots, and interviews with bands nobody cares about. After that I contributed some articles to some other magazines like While You Were Sleeping...I helped out with some content for Troma when they were trying to do the whole thing. Got a few free movies out of that.

You are friends with the writers Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch who did such an amazing job with "Toolbox Murders" and, I’m sure, with "Mortuary" and "Zombies".  How did you meet them and what is your working relationship with them like?

The FX on "Mortuary" was originally going to be provided by Captive Audience (Dean Jones and Co handled the FX ultimately)...and I met them on the first FX meeting at that companies studio. Me and Adam were both into the same kind of we hit it off, and Jace is just an awesome person. My working relationship...well, we’ve only worked on one script together, but when we collaborate, we do so by email. I write some shit, and send it their way...and then we discuss the pages on the phone. They send shit back my way. They are very close friends of working with them is a pleasure.

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