Deep Rising Movie Review by MacReady

Posted by: MacReady
As this is my first review and my home language is german, i hope you don´t get bored while reading this and don´t complain about some wrong grammer. So lets begin:

The film opens with a group of hijackers, lead by Hanover (Wes Studi) aboard a little ship. Their goal -> to invade the world's most luxurious cruise ship, clean the safe and afterwards sink the ship with torpedos,
Besides the usual characters, we expect for these kind of pirates there is Finnegan (our hero/Treat Williams), the boat's pilot who was hired by Hanover. and he´s friend Joey (Kevin J. O'Connor) which is more the funny-loveable guy. Or at least he was supposed to be so.

When they reach the "Argonautica" and get onboard they discover that everybody has vanished.
Everybody ? Not Everybody !
They find some survivors. 1 of them is Trillian (Famke Janssen) a jewel thief herself, some crewmembers and a giant type of octopus, with really nasty tentacles and teeth the shark from jaws would be jealous about.

Like in every movie of this kind, this is the time the countdown begins (10 survivors, 9 survivors, 8.....). Everyone tries to escape from the ship. But escaping isn´t easy when there are tentacles that hunt you, with the speed of a pissed off snake and the lengh of an australian truck (and yes i mean the ones with 5 and more trailers).

Needless to say that our hero and 2 others (no i won´t tell who) escape. Or do they ? (I loved the ending ! Just one word - trees)

The character developement isn´t that good, and i´ve seen better cgi´s in other movies. But overall the effects are OK, and also the special make up looks nice. There are some really nice action sequences and some pretty gory scenes also.

I don´t think the movie is worth a buy, but if you got the chance of seeing it on tv or to rent it at your local video-rental, i believe you won´t get disappointed. Just don´t expect it to be more than it is -> a monster movie !

I´d give it a 6-7 on my 1-10 ranking (10 = "The Thing Movie")

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