John Carpenters The 13th Apostle and teaser art !

Posted by: MacReady
YEAH ! My alltime favourite director is back. After 4 years without a new movie, John Carpenter will direct The 13th Apostle. At the moment there is no release or cast announced, but there is an official synopsis and a teaser art which looks very nice.

The investigation of a series of gruesome murders forces a Pittsburgh detective to exorcise his own demons while uncovering the greater plot of an internet-based serial killers' club.

The script was written by Paul Margolis and John Carpenter's wife and longtime producer Sandy King will produce the movie along with Elizabeth Wang-Lee, Oliver Hengst and William J. Johnson for Inferno Distribution.

Ok, i admit it. I loved "Ghosts of Mars" although many didn't like it. And some even said Carpenter should retire. But i like all his movies and never left a cinema disappointed after watching his movies. I know i will be in the cinema the first day "The 13th Apostle" will be screened.


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