Exclusive Look: Luke Perry's Descent

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We have your first look at the new Luke Perry Film titled "Descent". It will play on the SCI FI Channel   5/21/2005   9:00 p.m. ET/PT.  I will admit to watching 90210 and I think Luke Perry is a great actor. He has had alot of roles since that and he brings a certain look and "attitude" to a movie that I like. His very small part in The 5th Element was awesome if you ask me. Anyrate here is the story of descent.
When rapidly worsening volcanic eruptions and earthquakes threaten to obliterate the Pacific Rim and plunge the world into ecological chaos, a team of scientists embarks on a daring mission into the Earth's molten core to avert the looming disaster. Luke Perry (Jeremiah) and Michael Dorn (Worf in the Star Trek universe) star in this fast-paced underground adventure.  Enjoy the photos.. and head to the Descent Movie Page for even more!


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