George Romero making a 5th Zombie Movie ?

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Wouldn't this be cool? A fifth "Dead" movie by the man who invented modern Zombie movies. Well according to George Romero's official site it is more than a rumor. Chris Romero updated the site with new infos and it seems like there really are plans for another Dead movie after "Land of the Dead". But read on for what Chris had to say:

You probably have heard that Universal moved the release date of Land of the Dead up to June 24th. This is a big vote of confidence from Universal and SO-O-O- exciting for us. Please all come out and see the film the opening weekend. If the movie does well, there is a good chance there will be another one.

After seeing the Trailer i know that i definitely will rush to the cinema at the minute tickets are avaiable, and everyone i know also will storm the theatres. And it looks like the post production also is running very well too.

George has been working nonstop completing the edit, doing a few reshoots , and all the other post-production things. I don 't think alot of people realize what all goes into the post-production faze. George insists on being part of all of it to make sure he is getting what he wants. He told me the other day that the composers ,Reinhold Heil and Johnny Climek, were in Toronto showing George the music they have done so far.....and George just loved it!! He has been so happy with the crew and just loves working with Michael Doherty, the editor on the film...

Great news indeed. And i really hope "Land of the Dead" will make lots of money for i cant imagine anything cooler than a 5th Zombie movie. Like i wrote i will be in the cinema watching it, and i guess i won't be watching it just once.

You can read the complete journal here.


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