Hitchhikers Guide Not So Good ?

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Famous Hitchhiker fan, and biographer of Douglas Adams, MJ Simpson has called the movie :

"Really bad. You won't believe how vastly, staggeringly, jaw droppingly bad it is..."

Simpson was invited to a screening of "The Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy" (the release for the film is next Friday I apparently) and his obsessive site soon saw his opinions afterwards in his fantastic reviews (a non spolier short review and spoiler filled long review). Well the usual snooping of his site usually turned up useful nuggets this is jaw droppingly bad news for all Hitchhiker hopefuls out there, as this was seen by most fans as a great chance for the film Mr Adams wanted while he was still alive to be released.

First of all, lets go through why it should have been a great movie from my view, and why it isn't from MJ Simpson's reasons:

1) Spectacular non-story, Adams had no real clue about long narrative, but the ideas led the way through - it should have followed the storyline quite well this wat, but misses out the whole importance of the "kinda" straight plot in the "under two hours" slot.

2) Spectacular actors, if you have heard of Martin Freeman and seen him act in The Office (which won dozens of awards in England, the UK version not the US "crappy" version) or Hardware (a greatly underappreciated piece of comedy genius) then you should immediately know why he is suited for the man in the dressing gown, Arthur Dent. Simpson didn't seem to have anything against the acting though.

3) Cutting important dialogue and jokes out was a no-no from the beginning. So what have they done? Here is a GREAT example from his site:

The dialogue between Arthur and Prosser, which was written for a sketch in a Cambridge Footlights revue in October 1973, is a terrific example of Douglas' clever way with - and love of - language:

"I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them."
"That's the Display Department."
"With a torch."
"The lights had probably gone."
"So had the stairs."
"But you found the plans, didn't you?"
"Oh yes, they were 'on display' in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the leopard.'"

Or, as the movie version has it:

"I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them."
"But you found the plans, didn't you?"

Can you spot what has been removed from this scene, gentle reader, in order to shorten it? That's right. The jokes. The jokes have gone. The funny bits, the wit, the humour. The clever stuff that made it worth including in the first place.

Ouch...I don't think that we need to dwell on that much longer...

I don't think I need to bring more reasons do I? Read the reviews. So how awful is that really? Well if you aren't a Hitchhiker fan then I don't think it will bring your enjoyment down, but the lack of humor may make them regret seeing it, while true fans may be detested. Now that is what is worrying. I'll be in the cinema first day so await the review...and find out the truth.

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