Silent Hill Movie Casts Laurie Holden?

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We got an interesting scoop emailed to us from a reader who says that he ran into Laurie Holden and that she is going to play Cybil in the Silent Hill movie. Here is what he had to say:

2 days ago I ran into Laurie Holden on an airplane, shew was coming to Toronto to play the role of Cybil in this movie. I had never heard of her of the movie before but saw your stuff on-line. Thought you'r be interested in the 'tip'.

thanks To GroundRoll for sending this in, we are most interested and we will have to wait and see how this one pans out. Its just rumor since we have not confirmed it. If you have your own scoops send em in to us! Be sure and check out all the great Silent Hill Photos in our movie section!

Silent Hill the Movie is about a woman desperate to save her dying child finds herself trapped in an alternate reality as she searches for her daughter in a dangerous world of demons. Rose cannot accept the knowledge that her daughter Sharon is dying of a fatal disease. Over the protests of her husband, she flees with her child, intending to take the girl to a faith healer. On the way, she ends up driving through a portal in reality, which takes her to the eerie and deserted town of Silent Hill.


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