Next XXX a Woman?

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Producer Rob Cohen has been out pimpin his next film "XXX: State of the Union", starring Ice Cube and he recently did an interview with During the interview he said that the orignal idea for the franchise "was a truly punk-ass series of films about a group of different characters who could be a woman with attitude".
"One thing could be an Eminem or a Trent Reznor, some guy who has great street cred for just having this very iconoclastic attitude. So then the whole series becomes like the leading character. It becomes full of attitude and totally contemptuous of tradition."

During the interview he was asked if he would come back and direct the next film if it was a female hero. "I would really like to do a woman XXX. That's what I really would like to do. I think we understand the testosterone level of Vin Diesel and Ice Cube. I would really love to get the Michelle Rodriguez type or Michelle Yeoh or someone, a female who really can kick ass and take names.

If there was a woman, if Joe and Todd would go with a woman, I would definitely come back because I think the women today are tougher than the men. They're braver and they're smarter and we don't have as many traditions of what makes a female hero as we do for the male hero."



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