The EyeBall PaperCuts Movie Review

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Ha! I'm a huge fan film nut and "Grayson" got me hunting down anything and everything that dealt with superheroes. Well, I think I found a rare gem with "The Eyeball Papercuts". This guy, Larry Longstreth, doesn't have the budget that big names like Sandy Collora and John Fiorella have access to, but he's made something just as memorable...

if you've got a good sense of humor. I'd give this baby a 10 out of 10 if I thought the rest of the world was smart enough to "get" the jokes... but unfortunately, I don't. anyways, if you wanna see batman and robin in a lover's quarrel, check it out. Just go to and search "Eyeball Papercuts". It's not ALL about superheroes... but the rest of the stuff kicks a** too! 

Review by James


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