The Hitcher Remake is Official

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Our horrorific appendage, Horror report that Platinum Dunes will indeed be remaking the 1986 "The Hitcher". The film will be released through Rogue Pictures. Michael Bay said that they will quickly hire a writer to develop the screenplay.

"Someone mentioned the title and I said, 'That's the one we should do,' " Bay said. "I loved it as a kid, and we can add some cool twists and turn it into a rocking film." One possibility, he suggested, is to make the protagonist female. Sounds like the typical Bay film. Add some eye candy and more gore and hes gotta hit.

Originally directed by Robert Harmon, "The Hitcher" starred C. Thomas Howell as an ordinary teen who picks up the hitchhiker from hell, a role originated by Rutger Hauer. The serial killer torments the youth by implicating him in each of his crimes.

Source: Variety


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