Suspect Zero Movie Review

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This week I bought a copy of suspect zero and I am starting to see a pattern. All the good flicks like Suspect Zero, Dead Birds ( review ) & Tobe Hoopers Toolbox Murders ( review ) get next to no promotion and are awesome films. I am really starting to resent the notion of mainstream films when gems like these seem to always sneak under the radar as a result.

FBI Agent Thomas Mackelway (Aaron Eckhart) gets called in to investigate a strange murder.  When the trail leads him to the suspect (Ben Kingsley), he realizes that he has been drawn into a psychological labyrinth that turns what is expected upside down An FBI agent who works for the Icarus program is hunting down and killing serial killers, making him the very thing he hunts. Using the ability to use remote viewing he hunts serial killers, killing them... all the while looking for suspect zero....

Suspect Zero is a film very much like Seven. It stars Ben Kingsley one of the most talented actors in hollywood, Aaron Eckhart and the extremely beautiful and talented Carrie Ann-Moss. The premise is simple, a remote viewer that kills serial killers. A serial killer that only hunts serial killers. Mucho creepy! You find yourself sympathetic to the character but in the same token drawn back by the fact he murders people, regardless of whether the people he murders are mass killers themselves. The writers and director did a great job at making the serial killers very average so that you felt empathy for them.

At times the story drags abit and I would have liked to of seen a prologue telling us in more detail about Aaron Eckharts character. He plays an FBI Agent disgraced for crossing the border into mexico to capture a serial killer. He gets demoted to the "minors" as they call it working in a small FBI branch. He first gets introduced to Bens character when he kills the very serial killer that got Eckharts character cast down from the FBI.

With so many candy horror movies and remakes of horror movies with little to over intelligent viewers this is one film that thriller fans will love. It has depth and doesnt feel the need to spell everything out. It lets you watch and take in the movie without everything being pointed out step by step.

The concept of a serial Killer being resonsible for thousands of deaths by criss crossing the country with no M.O. is creepy and presented in such a fashion that you are engulfed in the story. This movie is a must buy for thriller fans and I give it a 9/10. For more info on the film go to our Suspect Zero movie page.


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