Brandon Routh as Clark Kent video and story rumors!

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The first video has appeared on the net, where you can take a look at Brandon Routh as Clark Kent in Bryan Singer's upcoming "Superman Returns". It looks like in the video uploaded, the actor is about to rip his shirt like we know it. You also can see director Bryan Singer giving auotgraphs and lots more.

You can watch the Windows Video here.

Well, now for the srory rumors. Our colleagues from IESB have gotten an email with lots of storydetails. None of them have been officialy confirmed, so take them as what they are right now - a rumor.

  • Lois is engaged to Richard and they are raising a boy Jason.
  • Superman saves a plane that Richard is flying.
  • Superman visits Krypton and is weakend by it.
  • Lois interviews Superman again.
  • Earthquakes and power blackouts plague Metropolis.
  • Headline in Daily Planet-SUPERMAN IS DEAD.
  • Lex finds the Fortress of Solitude in the arctic - and discovers that it is made from Krypton crystals.
  • Lex Stabbs Superman with Krypton crystal, Lois pulls them from his back and he tumbles into the ocean, Lois catches his cape them jumps in after him, and brings him to the surface.
  • Lois throws Krypton crystal out the window of a boat and Superman goes after it, Richard and Jason see New Krypton.
  • Superman hurls New Krypton into the sky, where it travels through the galaxys to where it belongs.

Another rumor says, that Hugh Jackman is secretly filming in Sydney for portraying Jonathan Kent. The scenes will be used for flashbacks.

What's true and what is not. I don't know, but we will all see it when "Superman Returns" hits the big screen.


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