Superman vs Batman Movie : Its On!

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Well awhile ago we were all talkin about "Batman vs Superman" and then it got shelfed. Well lads and ladies according to Christian Bale the movie is back on with Brandon Routh playing Superman and Bale playing Batman. Film Rot quotes Bale as saying the following when asked how many other films he has on the go and if he would don the tights again after Batman Begins:

"Two more actually, and then Brandon Routh, the new Superman, and I, are doing Batman vs. Superman as a movie".

I am not sure how Batman is an even fight for superman but hey it cant be as bad as Aliens Vs Predator can it? I just dont see how anybody would believe that Batman would stand up 5seconds in a "fight" with superman.

The story is pretty simple. Bruce Wayne goes out seeking bloody vengeance on the murderer of his new bride, Jennifer. Superman opposes him, fights him to the near death - then it's discovered that the guy behind Jennifer's murder is also this big baddie in Superman's circle and they unite to fight.

Warner Bros. has commissioned a script from Andrew Kevin Walker ('Seven') with Wolfgang Petersen ('The Perfect Storm') directing. This is a different project from either Batman 5 or Superman 5.


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