The Locals Photo Gallery Added

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I have recently added a nice new "The Locals" Movie gallery to the site. Check it out. This is a horror indie film that is going through small distribution but is well worth checking out if you can.

The story starts as two mates Grant and Paul go out west to go surfing and stay a batch. They travel out into the country and get to an old bridge, where they meet up with two chicks dressed like they are from the 80’s. Anyway the chicks invite Grant and Paul to a party further down the road. But the only catch is that they have to keep up with the chicks in order to find out where the party is. They are speeding down the road when they almost T-bone some speeding locals. Paul drives the car right into a ditch and it is impossible for them to get out. They ditch the car and starting walking down the road looking for someone to be able to tow them out of the ditch and back onto the road. They come across an old house, when they go to knock on the door they hear screaming and yelling inside. They sneak a peak through a window to see a farmer abusing his wife, they continue to watch as the wife pulls a shotgun on her husband, he grabs the barrel, produces a fishing knife and slits her throat. The boys then make themselves know and scream, they run away and then the fun really begins.


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