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Wow - and not a good wow. Wow, how could they even bare to let this hit the theatre? It was horrible. The first Ring was nothing like I'd ever seen before - a little confusing but really well thought out and definitely had its terrifying moments. This one on the other hand was not scary at all and was downright ridiculous.

You know its bad when people are laughing throughout the movie and clapping because its so damn horrible. Usually I get mad when people laugh during movies (when it is inappropriate) but I couldn't help but burst out laughing at times. The videotape barely plays a role in this sequel. Also, it's the attack of the killer deer in this one! Like oh my, give me a break.

The first one has horses, and in the 2nd one they just decide to throw in some deer? It was hardly relevant. This sequel had your typical cheesy scary movie scenes - for example, when Naomi is in the well with Samara, Samara's hand pops out and there goes the scary music.

Wow was that funny. And what's all the crap about being a bad mother? Hardly relevant. And the scene in the mental institution - what the hell happened? We hardly learned anything and there was nothing scary. Horrible, oh so horrible. If you've seen the first Ring, NEVER EVER put yourself through this. You'll lose all respect.

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