Exclusive : Never before seen RISEN Photos!

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David Talbot the producer has given us some exclusive photos and updates from the set of RISEN. I said it once, I am going to say it again. RISEN is shaping up to be one of the finest indie zombie movies of the year. Soon as I get a chance to watch the final product you can expect to read my honest opinions here!
The film has recently broke into the top zombie films list on our zombie section which is no small feat! Congrats to the team at RISEN.  To celebrate we have some exclusive photos from RISEN for you to enjoy as well as some updates. For larger shots head to our RISEN Movie page.

David tells us that their are 5 more days of shooting

Stuff We need to get from Act 1:
Garage Sale Scene, "Man Driving Van", Party Scene, Grandma’s House, Gas Station

Stuff We need to get from Act 3:
Exit of rescue station, quarantine

Shooting will go from April 9th to 13th. Now without further ado check out some of the fantastic photos and remember for larger shots head to the RISEN zombie flick section of our site and while your there check out these photos and more. Dont forget to watch the trailer as well!

 Sam and Jenny Mills drop off their daughter at Grandma's house hoping for a quiet evening alone. Instead, Sam’s brother Nick shows up shattering their quiet evening. Their time alone goes from bad to worse the next day as an apocalypse of the undead erupts to tear the city apart.  Now they must risk their lives fighting through a city overrun by the flesh eating walking dead to find their daughter. When the dead rise, some things are more important that survival.


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