Wes Craven Dissapointed with Cursed

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Over at Horror-Movies.ca they are reporting that Wes Craven admits that CURSED was afwul. In case you missed the movie you can read my Cursed Movie Review.  Wes Craven recently did an interview with the New York Post and he made a couple of comments that caught my eye. I had heard that he really didn't like the way "Cursed" had turned out, but I had no idea he disliked it this much.

I give Wes Craven points for coming out and being honest about the film and how he feels it turned out. Takes a big man to do that! That is why we love and respect Mr. Craven so much.

"I'm very disappointed with "Cursed." The contract called for us to make an R-rated film. We did. It was a very difficult process. Then it was basically taken away from us and cut to PG-13 and ruined. It was two years of very difficult work and almost 100 days of shooting of various versions. Then at the very end, it was chopped up and the studio thought they could make more with a PG-13 movie, and trashed it. We were writing while we were shooting. It wasn't ready to film. We rewrote, recast and had two major reshoots. It went on and on and on.

After a while, I regretted it was called "Cursed" because it was "Cursed." It was just chopped up, and it was awful. I thought it was completely disrespectful, and it hurt them (the studio) too, and it was like they shot themselves in the foot with a shotgun. Not a nice thing."

I guess we shouldn't be so hard on the guy for the way "Cursed" turned out. But maybe when he gets the DVD release he will be able to release his cut of the film. Just another case of how editing can completely ruin a film.



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