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Our good friend, director Tom Millan, sent us his thoughts about the upcoming 4th part of the "Die Hard" series. Tom wrote a short story that would fit perfectly for a John McClane adventure. I really like his idea, but read for yourself:

This is videographer Tom Millan. Over the past 20 years, I have watched tonnes of movies, dissected abunch of them, and re-edited countless more. Here are my thoughts on what I would want to see in "Die Hard 4". It would follow a similar premise to a short story I wrote in 1993 called "Mr. Thursday"- except the situation is souped just a tad.

An ultimate plotline for "Die Hard 4" would be when intelligent Islamic or Pro Christian extremists 'booby trap' several oil / gas refineries. Since refineries contain lethal chemicals such as Hydrogine Sulfide (H2S), butane, propane and other lethal commodities, the terrorists demonstrate their powers by blowing up a refinery in texas. This causes a mass exodus and 2 types of body counts. The first count is from 'panic stricken' residents that get killed during a violent shuffle to safety by getting trampled or ran over by speeding vehicles. The second body count would be caused by people that get vaporized or poisoned by the blast. This situation would either transpire in the first or second act of the film. At the same time that this blast transpires, the terrorists booby trapped another huge and economically powerful refinery. This time they attach multiple explosives that are linked from the major refinery to more smaller ones. If the terrorists are messed with and are in a losing position, they will detonate and pulverize the refineries thus causing the largest mass exodus in North American history.

In 1983, a freight train was moving through the town of Mississauga. The train was hauling about 25 tanker cars that were loaded with propane and chlorine gas. The train was moving at a fast speed (something the railroads did back then before stricter legislation was passed restricting trains to proceed at slower speeds when moving through populated areas). Anyhow, a seized bearing that was on one of the wheels caused a whole bunch of those tank cars to jump the tracks and crash. A violent explosion was the result- the noise thundered and shook the town and nearby districts. The fires were super fierce. Deadly fumes were every where. Police evacuated the town and evrybody else nearby- the largest mass exodus in North America (as it was called).

Now, the terrorists have an agenda. They don't bargain for John Maclane - they never heard of him- its been quite awhile since the last Die Hard incident. The terrorists claim that if US forces do not pull their military out of IRAQ and IRAN plus release the prisoners from Quantanimo Bay within a 24 hour period, they will detonate each refinery one by one - they do not give any locations of the bombs. The terrorists are smart, equipped and are lethal in the line of self defence. Maclane must find some way to get in one of the refineries- for his wife is nearby with the kids and was thinking of giving Maclane another chance before this entire mess began.

Maclane some how gets in, either by riding under the axles of a tanker train that is delivering chemicals to the main refinery- Maclane knows all about adrenaline and riding tough. The engineers of the train are unawhere of that the refinery is seized. The terrorists, dressed as 'workers' climb aboard the engine and kill the crew. Maclane happens to crawl out from under one of the tankers after a bruising, scraping and oily rough ride. Maclane climbs aboard the engine to warn the crew about a possible terrorist threat in the plant they were delivering tankers to. He sees these two goons come out and a fight ensues.

A shoot out in a refinery is almost impossible because of compressed gases that travel through pipes to various pressure vessels. But thats the interesting part of the ordeal. A shoot out does develop and at a very dangerous rate of heart stopping suspence. "How will Maclane do this???", will be the thought that will prick the minds and senses of the viewer. This movie may even cause abit of a fear tactic like "Jaws", Psycho" and "One Hour Photo" did because it was so real and possible.

As far as technical is concerned, the film should be shot on 70mm film, state of the art CGI, a thrilling and haunting original score, plus lots of slow motion shots (slow-mo brings out details in explosions and stunts). I hope that Bruce Willis at least takes a peak at this idea. It is... well...explosive...


Tom Millan
videographer/ artist/ writer

Special THX to Tom for sharing his idea with us !


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