Toolbox Murders 2005 Movie Review

Posted by: Michael
This movie would never work in theatres, not a hope in hell. It would go in and out of theatres in 5minutes. Why? Because its not PG13 candy ass horror. This is the real deal.. its no bullsh*t horror.  With the right amount of gore, and great story it makes the Toolbox Murders one of the best horror movies I have seen. Tobe Hooper has outdone himself delivering a story that is creepy, alarming and just enough actual horror to make you grin with glee. A horror enthusiasts wet dream this movie is.

There is always something magical about historic Hollywood hotels. Virtually without exception, their walls bore witness to extravagances and excesses beyond imagination. That much can certainly be said of the Lusman Building, a dazzling art deco monument to the majestics, built in the 1940’s, nearly bankrupted in modern times and currently being restored to its former glory.

Barely able to afford its renovation costs, the Lusman has been forced to remain open throughout the work period, renting out rooms as apartments to anyone willing to sign up at the desk. Unfortunately, as walls begin to be knocked down and floorplans are rearranged, a darker and much less celebrated aspect of the hotel’s history begins to resurface, rooted in the black arts and still very much a current event. It is an occult force that nobody wants to deal with , let alone acknowledge, but through a series of horrifically savage acts, it will make its presence known to even the staunchest of naysayers. The fluids in the Lusman’s plumbing are about to turn a distinct shade of red, and more than a few drains will be clogged with hair, tooth and bone.

Let the carnage and the blood letting begin! An evil demon that was coffin born lurks and preys on the residents of the Lusman building and it is absolutely glorious. With a great story, just enough bumps in the dark to keep you on your toes and enough gore to make you go "ow that has to hurt". Not overdoing things is why I praise this movie. You dont see any breasts, you dont have over the top brutal gore, and you dont have over dramatic hour long screaming and running down hallways and screaming some more. Its just a good story, with good acting and a great presence.

Angela Bettis blew me away in this movie. Her work was out-standing and was one of the highlights of this film. All of the acting was well done and within the first 30minutes of the film I was knee deep in the story. Angela stood out primarily because she was the main character. Every actor did an overall great job in this film. 

The team that did the special FX also did a great job. Top Notch. The gore was enough to get you into the film but not so much that you thought you were caught up in a Lucio Fulci film. The FX were well done to the extreme reminding me of the great quality I saw in the classic Night of the Living Dead remake. Well done to the FX crew   As far as the directing goes I give tobe hooper a 10 out of 10. Well there you have it, my first 10. I cant believe I gave him a 10, I almost want to change it to a 9. The story was great, it moved at a great pace and had excellent direction. One beef I had in the movie was the very first scene in the film and I think it should have been cut by Tobe.. it added nothing and was just cheese to an otherwise great film! 

Your a horror fan? Get your ass out and watch Tobe Hoopers Toolbox Murders you will dig it! Much better then all the PG13 crap being thrown at us!


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