Diary of a Mad Black Woman Review by April

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Diary of a Mad Black Woman in my opinion was an excellent movie choice, given in this day and age everything seems to be centered around sex, violence, & profanity, and we as a people don't deem it as a "good movie" unless it contains one of these. I'm really not a movie person for this very reason, but because Tyler Perry has built such a good reputation and I've seen all of his work, it was a must for me to see the film.

Diary of a Mad Black women carries several life lessons, and even after the movie, I was still pondering some of the things that happened in the movie, putting myself in some of the characters shoes, and now I know that when I encounter certain situations in life I will handle some things diffently. No, it wasn't a "laugh-every-minute-of-the-movie" film, and I don't think it was intended to be, but there were some very strong & thought-provoking things said all throughout the movie. I recommend this movie to everyone who has eyes to see------it'll definitely make you think.

Reviewer  April Melvin
(Sorry this review is so short guys)


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