The Exorcist Movie Review by Ved

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The Exorcist is a powerful and one of the most horrifying films I have ever seen. I was astounded by the film’s very first sequence that opens in Iraq as I it carried a foreboding tone that marked the onset of something terrible was about to happen. I felt the exorcist was carefully directed to portray the "good" and the "evil" that exists in the world we live in.

I also learnt the relation man shares with both God and Satan during times of hopelessness. The mysterious voices in the house and bizarre bed shaking scenes augmented the horror in this classic. Due to my premonition, I was not too surprised when Regan began to show signs that something was not right. In fact, I thought the most appealing part of the film was when Regan started showing signs of abnormal behavior – cursing, projectile vomiting and masturbation with the crucifixions – which clearly depicted that she had been possessed by some demon.

Despite several measures to seek medical help, religion [exorcism] was finally called upon to be the final answer, which seemed astonishing to my realization mainly because more than anything supernatural, I thought it was psychological. The film continued to disturb me as unexplainable deaths occurred and Regan’s soul began to accumulate evil powers exponentially. Regan’s 360-degree head rotations and self-mutilation acts and devilish voice haunted me till the very last minute. I was left with a lucid mind towards the end as Regan is saved through exorcism [religious prayers] and had finally gained peace within herself through her tribulation



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