Diary of a Mad black Woman Movie Review

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The movie diary of a mad black women was an ok movie.There was a somewhat ok choice of acters.some of the scripting in the movie wasnt the catchy eighther. Tyler perry is a brilliant play writer and a good acter as well.He really puy a kick in the movie but he didnt quit have the right help to hit the right spot in the movie.

An examplpe i think if he would have had the people that he had in the play then it would have made a difference. There was a lack of enthusiasim in some of the charactors or they just didnt really fit the part they were suppose to petay.some people were to tinse when there parts came up.

They really didnt show me enough action or their voie didnt give give off signs of excitement and that they relly enjoyed making the movie Tyler Perry is very good at what he does hes a blessing to some of us.I think he is very talented when it comes to making plays but he doesnt have that same talent far as a movie goes.

 Well all in all Diary of a mad black women wasnt relly catchy and as funny as the play wouuld have been.Madia played by Tyler Perry himself was the only kick in the movie.So i would recomend that youu see the play rather than the movie.

Review by Zakia Johnson


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