Tom Millan descripes his Horse Language movie

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Our friend Tom Millan sent us an email, in which he told about his movie "Horse Language". He descripes his movie very detailed. Well let's say, usually a synopsis isn't even half as long. So read on below for what Tom says about his movie:

This is Tom Millan. During all the excitement of moving, working and writing as well as film storming, I came across a film I shot years back. Its called"Horse Language" which as a comedy / horror with abit of Drama.

Its what I call a 2 + 2 = 5 movie. Whereas, you don't try to make sense of it because it is what it is- like it or not. Trying to make sense of it would only make a viewer feel foolish because the equation is right there in front of everyone- metaphorically speaking. Its a heavily sarcastic and deep film and not for everybody.

Even take what I say with a grain of salt. Its all semi serious and semi joking. Try to pick apart the subtle unreal elements.

The movie is a story about fame, victims and violence. A popular idol for children is called Mr. Horsey on camera. His show is called "Mr. Horse and Friends". Behind the scenes, his real name is Anton Unicorn Horsey. In the real world, outside of this film I shot, Mr. Horsey is really a small stuffed white unicorn with a golden tip. He has these two beedy little eyes like a spider. He sports a silly little corny smile.

Now in the movie, All of his friends are also, of course, stuffed animals. Anton Horsey lives a clean life- no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no women- he's clean. He has a big house, expensive car and has a big toy franchise. But one dark evening, during a violent thunder / rain storm, Anton is at home making dinner for himself when he gets a knock on the door.

He answers it to find two dark figures standing on the other side-lighting flashes from behind. The two drifters (Craig Hanson and myself) ask to spend the night because we have no place to go- the shelters are full. Without hesitation, Anton lets them in only to find out that they have no intention of leaving.

Since Anton is 'passive aggressive' he lets them walk all over him. The two men tell him that if he reports their invasion of his premises to the police, all of his 'stuffed animal' friends will be killed in the most sadistic way ever known to man. So, Anton goes to work as usual but as time goes on, his mind begins to corrode.

He finds himself drinking, smoking, doing drugs and having sex with women and men. Eventually he loses his television show and becomes part of a scandal. All of this because he needed another outlet to act out his frustrations on. Soon he snaps and has enough. He retaliates in a, well, brutal way- to put it nicely.

The film is, to say the least, warped. And, like I said, it 'is' what it 'is'- 2 + 2 = 5. Its not meant to be taken seriously although the film IS serious in a comedic sort of way. Hope you like the concept. The film is rated 18A for coarse language, violence and adult situations. Sometimes I do comedies and sometimes I do serious films.

Tom Millan
videographer/ artist/ writer

THX to Tom for sending us this great synopsis for his movie "Horse Language".


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