Bill Hinzman talks Night of the Living Dead and more

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S. William "Bill" Hinzman portrayed  Zombie No. 1 in George A. Romero movie "Night of the Living Dead". Our friend John from Dead-Central now had the chance to ask him a few questions about the experiences he had while filming the movie and they also talked about modern horror movies.

Here are a few clips from the interview:

JOHN: I can't imagine the concept of putting on a character and shutting it off when the director yells "cut!" I've always admired Patty Tallman’s performance in the cemetery scene when the first zombie hits the window with the rock.

BILL: Would you like to hear how it was when I did it?

JOHN: Your scene with Judith O'Dea? Oh hell yes, I would!

BILL: When I was told what I had to do... I...ahh... have no idea why I do certain things and 'how can I do that" you know, that kind of crap, I just know I had to do what I had to do so.... The first time I hit the window with the big rock... it was kind of hard to hold in my hand.  I expected the window to break and it did NOT break so I immediately had to do it again because we could only shoot it once. I mean, how many windows could we break?? So... it didn't break until that third time and when it did... the rock flew out of my hand. Well, there’s George lying in the front seat with the camera and the rock landed on him (laughing), luckily it missed his head! Actually it missed the camera as well so, you know, I’m standing there thinking "OH SHIT!"

JOHN: I love it! That’s the stuff we as viewers never see. That’s kind of like Tom Savini and his trampoline bounce to create the effect of being hit by a truck.

BILL: Well, once again those effects aren't truly realistic; no one who gets shot flies like that unless they ARE hit by a truck. When I was shooting 'Children of the Living Dead' and the director, who was a little snot assed kid who knew nothing about film making - I have no idea why they hired him, but, while filming he says "I want the bullet to come out of the front and out of the back." I told him that’s not what happens when you get shot. No one ever does that. The hole appears in the front & the shit comes out the back, that’s the way bullets go through people. I've done this and seen what happens when you get shot, I've done stuff with a coroner. But again he says "That’s what I want to happen." Finally I told him if that’s what he wanted to happen then he could do it, I wasn't shooting it. I thought it was stupid. One of the things about 'Flesh-eater', though it may be low budget, the effects are actually tremendous.

You can read the whole interview in Dead-Central's NOTLD68 section here.


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