The Origin of Mike Myers, aka Halloween 6

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This version of Halloween 6 was not available until somebody made a copy of the bootleg copy and put it on DVD. This film was completly different from the theatrical release of Halloween 6.

In fact it was filmed before Halloween 6 the theatrical cut was made. the movie starts off with a voice over from loomis intstead of tommy. it was the better of the 2 films. the movie takes a differant turn when jamie reaches the farm. rather than michael killing her we see michael stab her and leave her for dead. then later on loomis finds her at the farm and the medical team takes her to a hospital. the movie keeps some of the audio but the score in this one is completly differen't featuring music from the first film.

Some death scenes change as there is no exploding head and the guy doesn't get his head shoved through the gates at the end. the biggest change is actually the ending. rather than tommy beating Michael to a bloody pulp he performs the ritual of Samhain to stop Michael. however Dr. Whynn screws it up by trying to free Michael from his frozeness. Loomis leaves and the convorsation between Loomis and the others is pretty much the same but when he walks back inside he find Michael laying on the ground.

He takes off his mask to reveal the face of Whynn. and we see Michael standing at the end of the hall in the man in black costume and Loomis rolls up his sleave to find out when Whynn touched him before he passed out on the floor again he see's that Whynn passed the thorn curse onto Loomis. he then lets out the scream. the same scream that is heard in the theatrical cut of the movie. now i liked this version much more as it explained more thatn the theatrical cut did. i give Halloween 666: The Origion of Michael Myers (AKA Halloween 6: The Producers Cut) a 9/10

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