Cursed Review : Whats the Big Hold Up?

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 I don't get what the big hold up on this movie was. They kept putting off the release to fine tune the movie over and over again and then they put this piece of crap of a werewolf movie out. Man this movie is as appaling to call a werewolf movie as Wolfen is.

I was actually board watching this the only thing that kept me tuned in was the hottie Christina Ricci, if she wasn't in this movie people would have stopped watching the first five minutes.

And by far the coolest werewolf in the movie was the damn dog. Some things made no sense to why they were even in the film, the homosexual bully coming out of the closet to the would be werewolf could have been on the cutting room floor with no damage to the film.

Wouldn't have hurt for a nudie of Ricci why the hell not it would be the only point to see this movie. Wes let us all down and wasted the big budget and huge cast of talent he had at his disposal. And how come one minute the werewolf looks cool and realistic as hell, the next he looks like jim henson made the werewolf. Werewolf movies are my all time favorite unfortunatly i've only seen a few that are even remotely cool.

This is not one of those unless the dvd comes out with additional features and deleted scenes that probably should have been in the movie this film doesn't have a hope in a prayer. If i had to grade this i woudl give it a 4 out of 10 and it only got that because ricci was in the film. Would have been a 6 but they had to include that jackass from dawsons creek in it i hate that guy.



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