Bandai on Gundam Seed Destiny and more

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While it has been hinted at, Bandai does indeed have the license to Gundam Seed Destiny. This is offically announced in this interview conducted by Mecha Anime HQ with Jerry Chu, marketing manger for Bandai here in North America.

Chris: DESTINY being licensed is big news. Do you plan to officially announce it at any upcoming conventions?

Jerry: I’m announcing it now. It has been said before and it will be said again, BEI is committed to the release of this extraordinary and long running franchise and we plan on releasing all the Gundams. Broadcast has not been set yet, but we’re shooting for possible first volume DVD release of DESTINY…soon.

This is a pretty wide ranging interview. The first portion talks much about Gundam Seed and Bandai’s plans for the franchise during this year. Other upcoming titles for Bandai are discussed throughout the interview (Such as the extremely popular Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex). It also goes a little deeper and asks for Jerry’s opinion on the now saturating anime market, and the steps companies will have to take to meet the bottom line. The new Bandai Manga line is discussed along with its plans for utilizing the cable television market (Cartoon network) to get their shows exposed. A highly recommended read, even if you aren't a huge fan of Bandai's work.

You can read the whole thing here.

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