Superman V March Set Report

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Stumbled on a fantastic site today about the new superman movie and get this its called Can you imagine it? In all seriousness one of the best Superman V sites I have seen yet. One I will be watchin regularly. They just posted a set report you need to go jump over, or fly if your able and check out. Here is a brief clip:

Everything is pretty much built. They've put up some little sheds near the barn. The barn is done and looks amazing.. NOTHING like we have in Australia. They have painted the silos, so they look old and rusty.

I have a friend who works making silos and they had to build the silos for the set. He was saying one of the silos they had to build, they had to make like a flat top on it, like a standing pad or something. He thought maybe Superman flies off it or something.

If you can find a better Superman Movie site then let me know but this one takes the cake. Nice material lots of detail..  You can read this entire news item and also see clips from the set of Superman 5 by heading Right Here! Tell em moviesonline sent yuh and enjoy all the superman news!

Also in case you are wondering what sites we keep an eye on to give you the latest news, well we rely ALOT on you readers to send us snippets and news(please always include your sources) and we visit some frequent links. You can see sites we reccomend on our Movie Links page.


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